Saturday, April 26, 2008

1500-ish Days...until I turn 35

This will be a list of several hundred things to be accomplished by the time I turn 35 (June 20, 2012.) Basically this will be one huge post that will be updated regularly (or not) as I add things to be done and notate which tasks have been accomplished.

Let the self-motivation begin!

1. Go to Europe
2. Finish my Master's degree
3. Get a better paying job
4. Take a real vacation (Done 7-27 - 7-30. Vegas, Baby!)
5. Go skiing
6. Sleep outdoors
7. Wear a bikini in public
8. Get novel written and published
9. Apply to the FBI or the Air Force (A.F. no longer officially an option after 4-14-05. Informed that asthma may be a disqualifying factor for the FBI as well on 5-13-05. I may have to replace this task.)
10. Run a half marathon--Registered for the Detroit Marathon: Half Marathon 4-23-08, Done 10-20-08!!! and a full marathon
11. Read the last 15 year's worth of Pulitzer prize fiction winners.
12. Take a cooking class
13. Learn to knit--Done! I took a knitting class January 2006 and now know the basics. As of 2008, I am also a pro at using a knitting board.
14. Build a professional wardrobe
15. Learn to read and/or speak a foreign language
16. Take a cross-country road trip
17. Get down to 100 pounds
18. Find a decent haircolor and stick with it--Finished 3-3-05. Decided to stick with my usual 9A Light Ash Blonde (Superior preference by Loreal) because a free mascara was included in the box. Yay!
19. Do my own taxes
20. Find a quality boyfriend/have a quality relationship with potential
21. Go to New York--visit museums and galleries (MOMA during September 2006! and Five Boro Bike Tour 5-08)
22. Make at least one close (bosom, as Anne Shirley would say) friend--Done! I have friends!

23. Start participating in fencing tournaments (As of 2007, I am retired. After my most recent round of classes, I decided my body isn't cooperating anymore)
24. Host a dinner party
25. Learn to play guitar
26. Get manicures (Done--February and March manicures!) and a pedicure. (Day before Kate's wedding!)
27. Go to the opera, symphony and ballet
28. See a show on Broadway
29. Write (and maybe illustrate) a children's book
30. Change a baby's diaper unassisted
31. Go to a gun shooting range (investigated this 5-13-05. Since I do not own a gun, this task will probably cost over $50 for a half-hour. Not in my price range at this point, but do-able in the future.)
32. Learn how to do a split, Russian or other variety
33. Learn an interesting card trick
34. Buy an iPod--Done 4-28-05. It's an iPod mini! Green and super cute!
35. Buy a decent digital camera (Done October 2007)
36. Amass a respectable vinyl collection--working on it!
37. Visit California again (Flight booked for June 2008)
38. Take a yoga class (Done in 2007)
39. Learn to meditate
40. Attend an estate auction; bid on an item
41. See Leonard Cohen perform live...or just see him in person on the street 42. Eat a meal at the Whitney--Done January 2006. Very tasty burger!
43. Visit some of the lighthouses in the area/state
44. Learn to play poker
45. Spend a day at the beach (Done in 2007. It was in the 90's, then once I got comfortable it started to rain.)
46. Tour the Soo Locks
47. Finish decorating my bedroom
48. Install a closet organization system
49. Use up all my accumulated bottles of Clinique Happy
50. Finish reading "Atlas Shrugged"--Finished 4-28-05. I now know who John Galt is!!!
51. Learn to drive a stick shift vehicle
52. Spend the night in a haunted house/B&B
53. Wear matching bras and undies for at least two weeks--Started 6-5-05 (both were red today!)
54. Take an art class (pottery, sculpture, anything!)
55. Go birdwatching--Maybe April 2009
56. Start going to Bally's on a regular basis (I am done with Bally's! 2007)
57. Clean out and vacuum my car--Done 4-10-05, although I hope to accomplish this a few more times in the coming years.

58. Become a local celebrity (for reasons other than a recent Jeopardy! rerun.)
59. Think about joining the Junior League of Birmingham--Done 6-2-05. Now I need to buy some pink clothing! Later decided it was NOT for me.
60. Make a personalized perfume blend (Aveda store, perhaps?) Finished 8-10-05. It's a personalized Water Nature blend from Aveda. I can't stop sniffing my wrists!!!

61. Learn to enhance my psychic abilities (Looking into Reiki 4-2008)
62. Start using night cream on my face--Started 3-8-05. Loreal Revitalift TO BE USED EVERY NIGHT! It's never too early to start preventing wrinkles!
63. Throw out all my old and/or unflattering makeup--Finished 5-4-05. All the rancid-smelling lipsticks are gone!
65. Attend at least five Tigers games within the next two years(hey, beer and hotdogs! Why not?)1. 5-17-05, 2. 7-2-05
66. Teach Bird to say something new
67. Read at least one hour before bed
68. Read every word of every article in each week's New Yorker
69. Drive on the Ambassador Bridge
70. Get an adult haircut/style (Done November 2006. It looked terrible. Still does.)
71. Visit the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills
72. Somehow tour the salt mines under Detroit
73. Witness a UFO
74. Find a tasty, healthy tofu recipe (Done February 2008)
75. Buy an accordian
76. Pay off all debts
77. Read all of Dan Brown's published books--Finished 3-26-05. In this order, I read The DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and just finished Deception Point.
78. Get a MysticTan (Done before Kate's wedding. Looked awful.)
79. Go to a real Oktoberfest
80. Get married and have a baby if #20 occurs
81. Spend a day at the zoo and see everything
82. Learn to like tomatoes
83. Start painting again
84. Go an entire week without TV
85. Invest in a nice spring jacket
86. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or similar place
87. Visit the Grand Canyon/Western US--Done! June 2008!
88. Find out about my 401(K)
89. Go to the Thanksgiving Day Parade
90. Go SCUBA diving
91. Read the Bible
92. Pay all my library fines
93. Learn to play the castanets
94. Bake a cake from scratch (Babka attempted March 2008. Complete failure.)
95. Build a large sand castle
96. Go whale watching
97. Watch an entire lunar eclipse
98. Get a massage/full spa treatment (Done August 2007. Swedish massage at the Spa at MGM Grand in Las Vegas)
99. Support a charity/pet cause
100. Read Ulysses
101. Live to see my 35th birthday